DGN Technologies


Allowing you to stay up to date in today’s ever-changing economic environment, DGN’s sophisticated R&D Team creates state-of-the-art custom software solutions to meet the needs of any organization. This allows companies to maximize their ROI for IT purchases.

Transport Connect™
DGN TransportConnect™ enables proactive management of customization and configuration projects with object dependencies and sequencing.

Change Governor™
It is a Rule Based Prevention Technology allowing your organization’s policies and best practices to be converted into rules. All changes are validated against your rule set ensuring that the business activity is not in violation of those rules.

One Earth Mailer
One Earth Mailer is a dual-function mail and proxy server, which is ideal for both small business and home use.

Process Guard™
DGN ProcessGuard™ safeguards your SAP system by providing your I.T. professionals the tools needed to proactively arrest non-compliant business processes the instant they are detected.

Access Connect™
Committed to delivering Excellence in Execution™, DGN Technologies offers an SAP-certified connector to enable the use of SAP Access Controls 5.x with SAP R/3 versions 3.1 - 4.6.